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Best EA Supplier

Integrated Tenant Referencing from the Best Tenant Referencing Company In the UK

Van Mildert are the only tenant referencing provider who are integrated with all of the major letting software providers. Using our service through these systems will save you time.


In 2018 our average service feedback rating from our letting agent clients was 8.4 out of 10 and we were voted the best tenant referencing supplier in the UK by letting agents and the only tenant referencing provider to receive an excellent rating from The Property Academy’s EA Masters. All tenant referencing companies were entered automatically and voted for by letting agents and the results were published at the EA Masters Event.

Guaranteed Rent Collection

Guaranteed Rent Collection Service: You will Receive the Rent on the Rent Due Date Even if the Tenant Doesn’t Pay

This service is designed to increase your market share and to replace the income which you will lose as a result of the tenant fee ban.

The principle is that it enables you to guarantee to landlords that they will receive their rent on the rent due date every month. This will help you win instructions and increase your revenue and profit per landlord.

You don’t have to chase the rent, you don’t have to reconcile the rent and you don’t receive part payments. You get all of the rent in the bank on the day it is due. Consequently, you can guarantee the payment of rent on the due date to your landlords and charge fees which are in line with this superior level of service.

Compliance Shield

Compliance Shield: Does Your Referencing Provider Automate Your Compliance with Section 10g of TPO Code of Practice?

Failure to comply Section 10g of The Property Ombudsman’s Code of Practice and similar clauses in the other redress schemes Codes of Practice saw some very significant and potentially business threatening fines handed out to letting agents.


The use of the Van Mildert Compliance Shield feature creates an automated audit trail, with no room for human error, which prevents our clients being the subject of these fines.

Compliance Shield

Utilities: Automate your GDPR Process, Keep all of your Commission 

Many of our clients choose to assist their tenants at move-in stage by asking utility and media providers to set up their utility and media accounts. Van Mildert will integrate its application form with our clients’ chosen utility provider so that tenants can opt in to being contacted by their utility/media partner.


This not only automates the process of sending leads to our clients’ utility/media partner but it also ensures complete and unquestionable compliance with GDPR in relation to passing the details of a tenant to your utility/media partner.

Right to check rent

Right to Rent Checks

Our Right to Rent checks are very easy to use and ensure that the correct documentation is always taken from the tenant. The system automatically produces notifications when re-checks are required and is completely free to use.

Right to check rent