Even with a very thorough referencing process it is impossible to predict if a tenant will cease to pay their rent because of sudden unexpected redundancy, illness, divorce or some other serious circumstances which may unfold – Especially with the unstable job market we're currently experiencing.

Van Mildert can greatly reduce this risk by providing you with a comprehensive Rent Guarantee which also includes Legal Expenses cover.

The Rent Guarantee element of this insurance policy is very simple — if the tenant fails to pay their rent for any reason then the insurance policy will pay you the rent instead.

The Legal Expenses element of the policy provides additional cover in that, in the event of a tenant refusing to leave a property, it covers all of the legal costs associated with formally evicting them.

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This comprehensive insurance is available exclusively to landlords who have fully referenced their tenants through Van Mildert: Policy Indemnity cover amount per month
Standard Policy - One months' rent as excess
6 Months £94.50  £108.00£130.50£153.00 excl IPT
12 Months £130.50£144.00£166.50£189.00 excl IPT
Enhanced Policy - Zero excess to pay
6 Months £105.00£120.00£145.00£170.00 excl IPT
12 Months £145.00£160.00£185.00£210.00 excl IPT
* IPT — Insurance Premium Tax @ 12%

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What will I be covered for?
You will be covered for rent arrears owed by the tenant during the tenancy agreement until vacant possession is obtained, and you will be covered for legal expenses and advisers' costs in relation to evicting the tenant(s) in the event that they violate the tenancy agreement.

What are the limits?
Rent will be paid up to a maximum of £8,333 per month and legal expenses up to a maximum of £50,000.

How do I claim?
In the event of the tenant breaching the tenancy agreement or falling into arrears exceeding one full months' rent, you should contact us on 0191 256 0920 to begin proceedings and file a claim.

How does the tenant reference fit in?
Only tenants who have passed our comprehensive reference qualify for a rent guarantee. By referencing them first we have most of the details we need already on file, making the ordering process even easier for you.

About Van Mildert
Van Mildert provide specialist landlord and tenant protection services primarily in the form of tenant referencing services and rent guarantees, as well as contents insurance for both landlords and tenants.

How do I order?
Most of the relevant details will already be in our database from the tenant reference, simply click the order button (above) and fill in a brief online form.