Integrated Tenant Referencing

Fully Integrated into Your Letting Software

All of the Van Mildert services are fully integrated into the major letting agency software, meaning that you don’t have to log in or type any information to order references. Case tracking is available at the click of a button from your software. This is unique to Van Mildert and takes us a matter of seconds to set up for you.

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The Highest Service Level in the Industry According to Agents Voting in EA Masters


Our confidence in our service level means that we will happily offer new clients a one-month free trial and never tie our customers into a contract. If there is a problem with our service we will fix it to a great standard and if we don’t we would expect you to stop using our service.

Service level from your referencing provider is important. A poor service level means that you are constantly having to “chase” your referencing provider and wasting time which could be better spent growing your business. Inconsistency and a lack of proactivity can cause daily frustration for negotiators, tenancy progressors, and tenants.

The Van Mildert team are consistently trained to a high level to promote consistency and attention to detail. Everyone in the business is hired because they demonstrate a focus on customer service.

In 2017 Van Mildert were the highest rated tenant referencing provider in the UK as voted for by letting agents in the EA Masters and we consistently achieve and 8.4 out of 10 rating from our letting agent clients.

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Fully Bespoke Service Requirements to Fit in With Your Process

Our system is programmed on a per client basis to ensure that you receive the service which best fits with your business process. We have different features which are suitable depending on how your lettings process is structured. For example, our Waiting Approval system is great if you have a tenancy progression department. We can work with an applicant to get an application form filled in by them and then present it to you within our system. If at the point of reading the application form you choose not to proceed with the tenant then there will be no charge from Van Mildert.


We can create rules for each client which enable our system to learn your preferences. This means that we don’t contact our clients repeatedly and waste their time for routine matters. For example, some of our clients like Van Mildert to adjust the rent shares of applicants automatically rather than asking their permission on every case. For those clients our system will do this automatically, avoiding our clients having to answer similar questions case after case. This has and the other bespoke features in the Van Mildert system have huge time-saving benefits.

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When letting a property, it is essential that you know your tenants are in stable employment (or have another means to pay the rent every month). It is crucial you know they have behaved appropriately in their previous tenancies and that there is nothing suspicious or alarming that you need to know about them. For letting agents, most landlord(s) now want their tenants to be referenced in as much details as possible and by referencing your tenants through Van Mildert you are exercising a high level of professional diligence and care. This is a process which no letting agent or landlord should operate without, you should know who is renting your property your likelihood of continuous payment and how they will behave whilst living there.


Van Mildert offers a robust and reliable referencing solution for both tenants and landlords. We ensure that you are renting to tenants who have the ability to pay the rent on time each month and to collate this information we obtain credit reports, employment references, previous landlord references, verified bank statements and look at their social media profiles. This information will be able to give you as a letting agent to landlord the ability to make an informed decision about if the tenant has the ability to pay the rent on time on an ongoing basis or if they are likely to be a problematic tenant.


Whether your prospective tenant is employed, contracted, self-employed, retired or claiming benefits, we will verify their income and confirm the terms of their employment where applicable (e.g. ensuring they are not coming to the end of their contract or a probation/trial period). Based on the report from these sources we will be able to asses if your potential tenant has the financial means to pay the rent on an ongoing basis.


Van Mildert run a series of credit checks through our preferred credit reference agency Equifax, to ensure they are financially stable. Any county court judgements, bankruptcies, regular missed payments or other alarming facts will come to light through these reports.


Where the tenant has been living in rented accommodation previously we will have open and honest discussions with their previous landlord(s) to find out if the rent was paid on time and if the property was maintained acceptably. This check is possibly one of the most important as it gives a genuine insight from another landlord who has dealt with the tenant(s) previously and this can reveal issues which you may need to be aware of.