Right to Rent Checks

Right to check rent

The Van Mildert Right to Rent check system guarantees our clients’ compliance with The Immigration Act 2014 and is free to use.

The system tells a letting agent exactly which documents each individual tenant should supply to demonstrate that they have the right to rent, after taking into account each tenant’s citizenship and individual circumstances.

Letting agents are guided through the compliance process in three easy steps, taking less than 30 seconds. When each of these steps is completed, Van Mildert will automatically put in place a free guarantee which indemnifies the letting agent against any fines they may receive.

When the need to re-check a tenant’s documents arises, Van Mildert gives letting agents the system to be able to do this easily and compliantly.

If our client uses the Van Mildert system for their Right to Rent checks, they will never have to pay a fine.