Order Rent Guarantee


It’s important that you understand the key facts about this policy, and have a good idea about what it does and doesn’t cover.

The most important points are outlined below, but you should also take a moment to read the Policy Summary document available below.

  • All of the tenants must have been comprehensively referenced (and passed)
  • The tenants must move in within 60 days of being referenced
  • The policy will only cover up to £8,333 per month of rent
  • If the tenancy started more than 14 days before the policy start date then no claim may be made in during the first 90 days
  • In the event of a claim you must notify us within 60 days

This policy is paperless and instant, and can be ordered online now using the form.

If you have any queries or would like to chat to one of our advisers then please call us on 0191 256 0920.