Previous Landlord Checks

As part of the tenant background checks, carrying out previous landlord checks is an essential part of checking the tenants background. Where this tenants has been living in previously rented accommodation, we will always have a discussion about their previous landlord(s) – this is often the most important step of the whole referencing process.


What we can find out from previous landlord checks…


When carrying out a previous landlord(s) check, we can find out a number of different things. The main aim of contacting a previous landlord will be to find out if the rent was paid on time and also, how the property was maintained during the time of the tenant’s tenancy. This process is done to ensure the landlord has peace of mind when looking for new tenants, from checking previous landlords we can gain a better understanding of the prospective tenants.


What information I need to give so they can do a previous landlord check?


Some information that may be asked for, is contact details of your landlords for the past three years and also the addresses and dates of everywhere you lived in this time period. If you are unable to get a reference, then the landlord is allowed to ask for any previous tenancy agreements you have, or a bank statement to show you paid the rent on time.


 Will I need a guarantor to rent?


If you have never rented a property before, and therefore, have no previous landlords to gain a reference from, then the next step may be to get a guarantor. A guarantor is a person who agrees to pay the rent or cover any damage to the rented property if the tenant doesn’t pay it. The guarantor may be asked to agree to a credit check or any other checks to make sure they are suitable.

The process of checking a tenant thoroughly is so important, and previous landlord checks are one of the main attributes to this. If in doubt you should ask your agent if they will be obtaining a comprehensive reference on your prospective tenants from Van Mildert Landlord & Tenant Protection.

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