When you’re letting a property it’s vital that you know your tenants are in stable employment (or have another means to pay the rent, every month), that they behaved appropriately in their previous tenancy/tenancies, and that there’s nothing suspicious or alarming that you need to know about them.


Van Mildert works on behalf of your letting agent to obtain a variety of references for your prospective tenants — from a comprehensive credit report, employment reference, previous landlord reference, verified bank statements, etc. From all of this information we will provide your agent with a judgement on whether the tenant is likely to pay the rent on time on-going, and whether they are likely to cause a problem of any kind.


Employment and Income Details

Whether your prospective tenant is employed, contracted, self-employed, retired or claiming benefits, we’ll verify their income and confirm the terms of their employment where applicable (e.g. ensuring they aren’t coming to the end of their contract or a probation/trial period). On the basis of these checks we’ll then advise your letting agent as to whether or not they’ll realistically be able to afford the rent.


Credit, Fraud and CCJ Checking

We run a series of thorough credit history checks to ensure your prospective tenant’s financial stability and previous creditworthiness. Any court judgements, bankruptcies, regular missed payments or other alarming facts will come to light.


Previous Landlords

Where the tenant has been living in rented accommodation previously, we’ll have frank discussions with their previous landlord(s) to find out if the rent was always paid on time and whether the property was maintained acceptably. This is often the most important stage of the process as it can reveal a whole host of problems which you’d like to know about before committing to a tenancy.


By referencing your prospective tenants through Van Mildert, your letting agent is exhibiting a high level of professional diligence and care and is ensuring that you have the best possible chance of enjoying a safe, predictable tenancy with your tenants.


This is a process which no reputable agent should operate without, and if in doubt you should ask your agent if they will be obtaining a comprehensive reference on your prospective tenants from Van Mildert Landlord & Tenant Protection.