GDPR Compliant Utility and Media Integrations

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Many referencing providers are trying to capitalise on their position in the supply chain to letting agents to introduce tenants to utility and media providers and take a commission if the tenant purchases a utility and media package. In some cases, they share this commission with the letting agent.

Van Mildert can integrate its system with any provider our client chooses and will take no commission whatsoever from either the provider or our letting agent.

This creates significant benefits for letting agents. Members of staff no longer have to log in and type a tenant’s details into the system of their chosen utility/media provider, the utility provider will get a lead at exactly the right time from Van Mildert and crucially, the lead will only be passed to the utility/media provider if the tenant has specifically agreed to this by ticking a consent box at referencing stage.

From a GDPR perspective, this is the best way to demonstrate compliance if a tenant refutes the fact that they agreed to be contacted by the utility/media provider and gives our clients complete peace of mind whilst also enabling them to benefit from a full commission.