Van Mildert provides products which grow letting agents’ profit. Uniquely, all of Van Mildert’s services are fully integrated into all of the UK’s major letting agency software

Tenant Referencing & Compliance Shield

Tenant referencing forms the foundation of the services which Van Mildert provide and our Compliance Shield feature ensures that our tenant referencing is the most compliant in the industry. The feature removes the difficulty that letting agents face in evidencing compliance with certain critical elements of their redress scheme Code of Practice. The difficulties which the Compliance Shield feature addresses have historically led to heavy fines being levied on letting agents.

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Products with Focus

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Our letting agents face an increasingly challenging market place as a result of both increased legislation and competition. The key to our clients protecting and growing their business is increasing their market share and increasing the value which they can provide to their landlords. Providing products which enable our clients to demonstrate value to their existing and potential landlords is our focus.


Leading the way is our Guaranteed Rent Collection Service which gives our clients the ability to guarantee to a landlord that they will receive their rent on the right day whether the tenant has paid the rent or not. Clients who use this service have found that the market share captured and fee revenue created has replaced the income that they will lose when the ban on tenant fees comes into force.


We can also provide a best in class Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses Insurance policy. The policy has no excess, covers up to £8,300 per month of rent, pays for the legal costs of evicting a tenant and also pays 50% of the rent for three months after vacant possession, should the property need refurbishing as a result of damage caused by the tenant.

Efficiency Through Software Design and Service

Van Mildert’s technology combines integration with automation. Our systems are the most efficient in the industry for letting agents to use by virtue of integrations with all of the UK’s major letting agent software systems. Every feature and product in the Van Mildert range can be accessed or ordered at a click of a button through these existing integrations. This level of integration with your lettings software is unique to Van Mildert.


In our business our service level is as important to us as our technology. Poor levels of proactivity and communication during the tenant referencing process causes transactions to be delayed or fall through and frustration amongst lettings teams, landlords and tenants. The Van Mildert team are very well trained to promote consistency and are highly proactive. We measure the satisfaction of our clients on a regular and consistent basis. It is impossible to verify a claim that we have the best service level in the industry but what we do know is that we are the only business who focus on service level enough to measure it and track it daily.

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