Automated Compliance – Section 10G TPO’s Code of Practice

Compliance Shield

Our Compliance Shield feature is unique to Van Mildert and is a vital tool in ensuring that your business is protected.


Section 10g of The Property Ombudsman’s Code of Practice says that a letting agent should share the referencing information with the landlord so that the landlord can make an informed choice about the tenant. It is imperative that a letting agent has an indelible audit trail to demonstrate this as the fines for not complying with section 10g have, in the past been upwards of £20,000. If a letting agent doesn’t use Van Mildert and the Compliance Shield feature they simply don’t have this indelible trail.


The feature creates an automatic email which will be sent to a landlord after the reference is completed (our clients can specify how quickly they would like this to go out). The email is bespoke to each letting agent and has introductory text and images from the letting agent (photos of staff/office etc) and thanks the landlord for their business. The landlord clicks through the email and views the referencing information and then electronically signs off the reference. If the landlord hasn’t done this within a time period (specified by the agent) one of our team will call to assist them and explain any parts of the reference which they are unclear on.


The record of the landlord doing this is maintained by Van Mildert for the length of the tenancy so if a problem occurs and TPO asks for evidence that the landlord had sight of the reference it can be produced by our clients.


We have found that many of our clients have in-house processes in place to have a reference “signed off” by a landlord but they require manual input from our clients’ team members. The Compliance Shield feature is a more efficient way of complying and is far less open to human error.