Van Mildert – Did you know about our services…?


Van Mildert – Did you know about our services…?

Here at Van Mildert, we offer a diverse range of services within the landlord and tenant protection industry. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, we aim to assist our clients and service their needs be it with tenant referencing, automated compliance or rental guarantees. We have compiled a comprehensive range of services and one that is fully integrated into all the UK’s major lettings software. Here is our informative guide to our Van Mildert Services…

Integrated Tenant Referencing

Our integrated tenant referencing service is fulling integrated into your letting software, a unique and superior aspect of our system here at Van Mildert. Our tenant referencing service will assist you in selecting suitable candidates for your property by helping you make informed decisions about the reliability of potential tenants. We do this by conducting a comprehensive tenant referencing process involved employment and income checks, credit, fraud and CCJ checking and previous landlord referencing. Our fully bespoke service requirements fit in with your business process and needs.

Rent Paid On Time Every Month

Here at Van Mildert, our services also include our guaranteed rent and legal expenses products. Our Van Mildert Guaranteed Rent Collection Service is simple and represents a represents a hugely enhanced service from the Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses Insurances which are currently available on the market. Our rental collection service enables our clients to mirror this guarantee to their landlord landlords, a service which landlords find invaluable. Furthermore our rent guarantee and legal expenses insurance gives an enhanced level of protection for your landlords. Find out more about these services here.

Automated Compliance

Our Compliance Shield feature is a unique service to Van Mildert and is a vital tool for ensuring that your business is protected. Find out more about what these feature entails and how it can assist your business here.

GDPR Utility and Media Integrations

Many referencing providers try to capitalise Many referencing providers are trying to capitalise on their position in the supply chain to letting agents to introduce tenants to utility and media providers and take a commission if the tenant purchases a utility and media package. In some cases, they share this commission with the letting agent. Van Mildert can integrate its system with any provider our client chooses and will take no commission whatsoever from either the provider or our letting agent. Find out how here.

Right to Rent Checks

The Van Mildert Right to Rent check system guarantees our clients’ compliance with The Immigration Act 2014 and is free to use. This service tells a letting agent exactly which documents each tenant should supply to demonstrate that they have the right to rent, after taking into account each tenant’s citizenship and individual circumstances. Let us guide you through the process in three easy steps which take less than 30 seconds to complete. When each of these steps is completed Van Mildert will automatically put in place a free guarantee which indemnifies the letting agent against any fines they may receive. When the need to re-check a tenant’s documents arises Van Mildert gives letting agents the system to be able to do this easily and compliantly. If our client uses the Van Mildert system for their Right to Rent checks they will never have to pay a fine.

How to get in touch!

If you are interested with any of the services that we have on offer here at Van Mildert, then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to make an enquiry. We would love to hear from you!