Top tips for tenants at Christmas!

Top tips for tenants at Christmas!

Christmas is here once again! It’s time for mulled wine, mince pies and celebrating with family and friends. However, if you are a tenant there are a  number of things to think about regarding your property over the festive period! If you’re are in a rented property it is crucial to remember your responsibilities as a tenant and don’t leave the turkey in the oven too long to smoke the whole house out.  As a landlord and tenant protection service, Van Mildert work to ensure that the smooth running of the rental property market and when we can like to offer advice for those involved. This Christmas, we wanted to offer our advice and some top tips to tenants for ensuring your rental property is well keep this festive period…

#1 Communicate with your neighbours

Christmas is most certainly the time for celebrating! However, it you live in rented accomodation this means it is essential to be accommodating to your neighbours. If you are planning a festive soiree let them know in advance to avoid being victim to noise complaints.

#2 Check your contract

If you are planning a party it’s worth checking the small print in your tenancy agreement as some do prohibit hosting parties. If you have any doubts then get in touch with your landlord.

#3 Check your smoke alarm

Everything should be in working order, but it’s always a wise idea to double check. Not only will this ensure your safety, but might also save your Christmas dinner!

#4 Heating

When the temperature drops to freezing, pipes can expand and contract resulting in problems – such as slow leaks, likely to get worse or for the water to freeze and pipes to burst. Leaving the heating on a constant low temperature means the water will remain at a constant temperature as it flows through the pipes.

#5 Watch fires

Christmas is a time of year when it’s time to create a cosy atmosphere with candles and a warming log burning fire. However, if you are partaking in this, make sure that candles and fires aren’t left unattended – even if you’re just spending a couple of hours in another room, it’s better to be safe!

#6 Security

As the evenings draw in, it’s important to make sure your property’s security is up to scratch! If you inhabit a rental property but are likely to leave it unoccupied to return home for Christmas festivities and so on ensure you take precaution to ensure you are not an easy target for thieves. Make sure your home looks occupied. Setting the heating and lighting to come on regularly each day will help to prevent pipes freezing (especially if the house is empty for a few days or more), and scheduling a lamp or two to come on with a timer will help to deter any potential thieves or squatters. Also, making sure your property has the correct number of blinds/curtains and adequate security features such as working door and window locks will also help to avoid potential pre-Christmas break-ins.

If you are a tenant or landlord Van Mildert is here to help! If you are interested with any of the services that we have on offer here at Van Mildert, then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to make an enquiry. We would love to hear from you!