Our Top Tips For Being A Good Tenant

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Our Top Tips For Being A Good Tenant

Whether this may be your first ever rent, or you have rented properties for many years previous, you will run into both good landlords and difficult landlords, and there isn’t always a lot you can do if your landlord tends to be of the latter, apart from being the best tenant you can be and prove that you are more than capable of looking after the property like your own. So here at Van Mildert, we thought we would put together a quick guide on our simple tips that you can follow to be a good tenant!

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Our Top Tips

Build A Relationship

It’s always best to get off on the right foot when signing a new leasing agreement with your landlord, and by this we mean making sure that you are making an effort to get on with them and reassure them that their property is in good hands with you. Keeping in regular contact with your landlord to send updates when or if necessary and inviting them around for an additional inspection to show that you are consistently taking care of the property always helps with instilling a sense of trust and good, clear consistent communication between both parties.


Honesty Is Key

Always be honest, from your application, and throughout your renting contract. If something is damaged due to your own fault, be honest about it and you never know, your landlord could meet you halfway with the cost of any repairs. Be honest about your expectations of your landlord for the property in question, and you will gain a lot more respect throughout the entire process having built a strong clear communication forum from the get-go!


Pay Your Rent

This may sound like a silly one, but there are many tenants who find themselves renting a property that they really cannot afford! Don’t be like this – make sure you can pay your rent month after month, and if the unfortunate event of not being able to pay up for some reason occurs, ensure your landlord that you have a trusty guarantor who can always step up to the mark when needed to reassure your landlord that they will get their money!


Respect The Property

Treat your rental home as if you owned it yourself! Make sure you keep on top of the cleaning, general maintenance requests and needs and keep it looking presentable at all times! This will also help in turn of your landlord surprising you with an unexpected inspection!


Get To Know Your Neighbours

One factor of concern for some landlords when inviting a new tenant into their rental property in a built up area is whether they will work for the neighbourhood around them. Make a point of getting familiar with your neighbours and respecting that they may own the properties next door or across the street, therefore say hello when passing, do little acts of kindness such as accepting their deliveries if they are out, posting a Christmas card, keeping the noise down to a respectable level if you have company, and so on. It’s simple steps like these that reassure neighbours about you being a new addition to the area and give your landlord peace of mind and not fearing complaints on the phone!

Contact Us

If you are new to the rental scene, and not sure what you need to check or carry out before signing your contract, don’t hesitate to get in touch an expert member of our team will be more than happy to help with any advice you may need, simply give us a call today on 0191 256 0920!