Breaking it down: The importance of Right to Rent checks

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Breaking it down: The importance of Right to Rent checks

If you are thinking about renting a property or the wheels are in motion and you have already embarked upon the renting process then there are a few things you must have in place as you begin. Asides with the usual Tenant Referencing checks you will also be checked that you have a Right To Rent as the tenant. We have broken it down step by step so that you understand exactly what a Right To Rent check is and why you must conform.


What is a Right To Rent?


A Right To Rent scheme is what requires landlords to check that you as a potential tenant have a legal status to live in the UK.


Why do I need to do a Right To Rent check?


The Right to Rent checks are required regardless of personal circumstances. Whether you are born in the UK, are in the UK temporarily or are a permanent migrant it is a legal requirement and the law states under The Immigration Act (2014) that all landlords in England and Scotland must check that you have the ‘right to rent’ before allowing you any access to a rental property.


What will I need?


It’s very simple – you will need to present certain documents which can typically just be your passport, to your letting agent. Your letting agent will need the original document and will need to take a copy of it while you are present.


What if I do not have the right documents for the Right To Rent check?


Your letting agent cannot proceed until you provide certain documents (for alternative documents that can be accepted, click here) and if you happen to not have anything at all from the list linked above, then you will have to obtain something from the list by contacting the Home Office and requesting an Immigration Status Document, speaking to your employer or HMRC for example.


A reminder…


Here at Van Mildert we must stress that we are unable to provide advice or assistance to you about Right To Rent checks as it is your individual responsibility to obtain one or more of the legally required documents from the list linked above before you can move into your new property.