5 Top tips to become a successful landlord

5 Top tips to become a successful landlord

Making sure your tenants are happy with your service as a landlord is so important to ensure they respect you and the property. As the better you are to them, the better they will be to you and the house. However, being a good landlord is more than just being a friendly face to them, things need to keep maintained and checked. Therefore, we have created a list to help you become a successful landlord, we also offer a rent guarantee service so you won’t be out of pocket if your tenant doesn’t pay the rent. Guarantee your rental income here today.

#1 Maintenance

As a landlord, your legal responsibility is to ensure that the property meets safety standards and is sufficient for your tenants to live in the property with functioning facilities. Making sure that electrics, gas, alarms and health & safety is up to date and regularly maintained.

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#2 Be in contact

Make sure you are contactable, set ‘office hours’ and ‘emergency hours’. This will help your tenants understand the difference between calling you at unreasonable hours and when it is emergencies. Make sure that when they do contact you that you are reachable. There is nothing more frustrating than when a tenant needs to contact their landlord and they cannot. Make sure they also have an email address they can contact you via email or phone number.

#3 Screen potential tenants

Once you have found a potential tenant, make sure you don’t skip the screening stage. It is an important part of the process, ensuring you have done a thorough check on your potential tenants history. Overlooking this step will put your investment at risk and many unnecessary events which could have been solved.

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#4 Give your tenants space

Making sure you give your tenants space. You have to provide them with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice before entering the property. Preferably tenants prefer it when their landlords give them a longer time period before entering the property. This allows them to feel like it is their own house, and they can have the privacy like their own home. If they feel like they are constantly being watched then they will not enjoy their tenancy and be more likely to leave. So it is in both of your interests to give each other space.

#5 Make sure you have the right insurance

Having the right insurance is essential. A standard home insurance will not provide enough cover, therefore buy-to-let insurance is the only cover you need. This typically includes building insurance to cover against events such as fire and flooding. For more hints, tips and information on industry news and buy to let properties, then keep up to date with our blog page.